That Sightseeing Tunnel

I can’t even see if my photographs have loaded properly, they don’t display – can you see them all right?Anyway, here are some photos from when we went to the Bund Sightseeing Tunnel. I had read that it is a big ol cheesy, kitschy tourist trap,
but you know what? Sometimes it is the kitschiest things that make you laugh. And so we went .. paying quite a hefty RMB60 return ticket
from the Bund. That’s like 6 pounds. Anyway, we decided to buy combo-discount tickets for the Shanghai World Financial Centre as well.

The ride itself is like a souped-up subway ride to Pudong, and we paired it with our first visit to the ultra modern side of Shanghai.
Now we go to Pudong almost every other day here, but the first time we went was pretty special. Anyway .. the tunnel.
We went in a tiny, one carriage train, laughed a bit at the start, and then that petered out as the Londoner went "WHAT BLOODY SIGHTSEEING?". It was basically just a glorified light laser and sound show … albeit a bit trippy. At one point they tried to scare (maybe not) us with these odd paper or fabric inflatables – the type your kid brother use to make for his school presentation. I took pictures but at some point stopped to actually breathe it all in and ponder the meaning of life. NOT.
The cynic in me wants to say DONT YOU DARE SPEND MONEY FOR THE BUND SIGHTSEEING TUNNEL!!! The cheesy piece of turd in me also wants to say however, that we laughed during and after that little ride ("What the f*ck was that!???!!") Hey, at least we know what it’s like now. And you know what – essentially, that’s quite Chinese, that ride. A lot of show and ra ra, aimed to bedazzle you with all these colours and patterns .. but just like the Oriental Pearl Tower, is at its heart just a bit corny and fugly? All I can say is when in China, don’t hate on the subject, love the experience! ;)

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